Dr. Oksana Hellge

Oksana Hellge D.D.S., D.M.D., M.B.A.

Dr. Oksana Hellge has earned her first degree in dentistry, DDS Physician Stomatologist from the prestigious Omsk State Medical Academy with a heavy emphasis on the medical diagnosis of patient care. After a successful practice career in two countries she completed a second degree in dentistry and was awarded Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) from Midwestern University in Arizona. She also holds an MBA in Health Care Administration and has been awarded numerous certifications and diplomas.

Dr. Oksana Hellge has a deep interest in the field of tissue engineering and has conducted extensive clinical dental research on angiogenesis, which stands for vascular regeneration. Her research has been published in numerous journals and she has presented her findings at national and international conferences.

Dr. Oksana Hellge has been working in the field of dentistry for nearly 34 years in various capacities, including teaching as an Associate Professor at Texas A&M University College of Dentistry in Dallas, Texas. She has also developed and given lectures and continuing education courses, as well as published her research findings and a chapter in an oral surgery book.

During the course of her esteemed career accomplishments she developed a passion for not only restoring the function of the stomatognathic system but enhancing the smile and facial esthetics of her patients. In her quest for providing the ultimate care for her patients she has studied with the world renowned researcher and clinician in the field of exosomes,  PRF and biologic fillers, Dr. Dr. Richard Miron. 

Dr. Oksana Hellge firmly believes in the natural no chemical enhancement of her patients appearance. She also utilizes advanced laser technology with several different wavelengths to achieve the most natural results intraorally and extraorally. 

Dr. Oksana Hellge completed an Oral Sleep Apnea residency to offer her patients a better quality of life and healthy breathing.

As an avid athlete she also studied the utilization of the laser to increase the performance level of athletes with better blood oxygenation and higher nitrous oxide levels.  

Dr. Oksana Hellge is a member of multiple professional organizations related to dentistry, member of American Academy of Endodontics and is committed to helping others. She has traveled to Haiti with her dental students to provide free dental care for those in need.

Dr. Oksana Hellge is an outstanding example of excellence and dedication in the field of dentistry and medicine. Her commitment to humanity and her compassionate heart are an inspiration to us all. 

In her free time she enjoys volunteering, cycling, painting, and gardening.