Root Canal Therapy, Sweeps

Multi laser assisted root canal therapy is a new and innovative dental procedure that utilizes laser technology to help make the root canal process more effective and less painful. The laser technology helps to reduce the amount of time needed to complete the root canal procedure, as well as ensuring that the process is more precise and accurate. This technique has been found to be beneficial for those who are in need of a root canal, as it eliminates the need for the patient to go through a lengthy and uncomfortable procedure. The laser technology also helps to reduce the risk of infection due to the accuracy of the procedure, making it a safe and effective option.

The root canal therapy is a commonly used procedure to save a tooth from further damage. The Sweep Technique is an advanced laser assisted procedure that is used to clean the root canal and remove all debris. During the procedure, the dentist uses special instruments to make gentle sweeping motions with Fotona laser in the root canals, helping to remove any bacteria and other debris. This technique is very effective in removing any infection or debris that may be present. It also helps to prevent the tooth from further damage and infection. The Sweeps Technique is an important part of the root canal therapy in our office and is done before the final filling.

Before and after the root canal procedure Dr. O.V. Hellge uses a different laser to reduce post root canal pain.